Clayworkers' Guild of Illinois A dedicated group of ceramic clay artists and artisans.

Clayworker's Guild of Illinois

The Clayworkers’ Guild of Illinois is a dedicated group of ceramic clay artists and artisans.  The Clayworkers’ Guild of Illinois exists to provide diverse educational, collaborative, and networking opportunities for both its members and for the general public.   We would love for you to join  us! 

Through various activities, we of the Clayworkers’ Guild serve the community while we provide  exhibits and workshops.   We strive to aid, encourage, advise, and work together to support each other’s endeavors. We always welcome new members and we delight in sharing what we do with interested participants.

Along with monthly meetings, social events and parties, the Guild provides its members with informative workshops by visiting artists.  Previous topics have included sculpture, thrown and hand-built pottery, professional presentations, health and safety, form and expression. The Guild has a collection of videos documenting our workshops which may be borrowed by current members. The Guild has also provided outlets for the sale of pottery and artwork in addition to sponsoring juried and national exhibits.   Again, we encourage and invite you to join us.

Just take a look at some of our presenters...

Terri Kern – Robin Hopper — Rebecca Harvey — Richard Peeler— Susan Filley — Bill Van Gilder — Janet Mansfield— Tom & Elaine Coleman — Lana Wilson — Simon Leach — John Glick — Kathy Triplett — Jeff Oestreich —Steven Hill — Nick Joerling — Cynthia Bringle — Emily Reason — Marj Peeler — Clare Berger Bailey — Tom Vician — Flo Singer — Sam Rosby — Dale Raddatz  — Jim Connell — Karl Borgeson — Willard Stollen — David Nicholas — Brian Gartside — Cecil Strawn — Tom Feyrer — Richie Bellinger — Tom Hubbell — Dennis Bancroft — Ann Maraviglia — Ann Nevills — Sharon Bladholm — Gail Jones — Yih Wen Kuo — Tony Winchester — Arthur Hand — John Bailey — Esther Shimazu — Steve Hansen