Clayworkers' Guild of Illinois A dedicated group of ceramic clay artists and artisans.

Executive Committee - Please highlight, copy and paste the email address and send your question or query with your server.

President - Patricia Vollkommer (You must copy and paste and use your own server)

Supervise and conduct the activities and operations of

the Guild including workshops

Considered the "face" of the Guild and liaison with other
art groups in the area

Vice-President - Anne Marie Whitmore Lenzini

 Primarily prepares all news releases

Treasurer - Frank Richards
    Collects guild membership dues
    Provides Treasurer report upon request
    Provides reimbursement for items purchased during 
    Guild events

Secretary - Deanne Ferguson  
    Provides minutes of meetings and calendar of events
    Updates  addresses, phone numbers and emails of 
    current Guild    
    members.  Sends notifications of illnesses with in our     

Membership Chairperson - Susan Clough - 

    Promote on behalf of the Guild for new membership
    Update and maintain application of membership
    Provides the Guild Constitution to all members

Librarian -Lena Wells  

    You may purchase Guild apparel through Librarian
    Loans the guild tent, risers and pedestals
    Loans out Guild workshop DVD's of artist's hosted in the 
    Stores Guild equipment, paper products and food    
    supplies for the Guild

Web Master - MaryLouMateja
     Manages and creates the Guild Website and 
     Facebook  pages
     Updates calendar for events hosted by the Guild
     Posts Guild events and Guild member pottery sales
     Changes, updates Guild website and Facebook as needed