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We are working closely with MCC on a gallery showing of some of the pieces they have purchased from the artists we have had Workshops with throughout the years.  We are compiling a list of the artists whom they have purchased from and also whom they may not have pieces from.  If they do not have one of the artists pieces we would like to display for this event we may be contacting our Members to see who has purchased a piece from one of our Workshop Artists.  We will contact you when and if we need to use some pottery from you. 

We will also be hosting with MCC an Opening or possibly a Closing ceremony reception this is all dependent on when our event will run.

We will keep you posted when all the plans have been finalized. 


Below is the Explanation of the Calendar of Events this year



This event was held February 22, 23, 24.   

 IT WILL BE ONGOING UNTIL SEPTEMBER 15th, unless we get the desired amount of bowls made and glaze fired. 

March 27th,

6:00pm BUSINESS MEETING – Room adjacent to MCC Pottery Studio





April 27th with a Rain Date TBA  9:30 start time to ????  when we get finished eating our pizzas and firing the pots (if this weekend is rained out then another date will be chosen)  Once again Tim Pfiffner has offered to host a Raku Firing at his house in Marengo and cook our pizzas, as he has a giant, outdoor wood fired Pizza Oven!  We all make our own pizzas after we finish our firing.  Tim supplies the pizza dough and red sauce.  We bring our pottery to fire, chairs, drinks (alcohol if desired, BUT not until after we have finished firing), the makings for the pizzas we each want to make (hint: find a pal and share ingredients)...maybe sun umbrellas.   We also bring a dish to pass, in the tradition of the CWG.   More details about will be sent out when all is confirmed. 


BUT you should be making your pieces now so they will be ready for the Raku firing!  If you are Rakuing your pieces Tim suggests using  “MCL331 Smooth Raku “ clay which you can get from Great Lakes Clay in Elgin.  Tim indicated there would be less breakage using this clay,  but if you are putting on Horse Hair you can still use the Raku Porcelain clay that GLC has available available and will work too.  If you have your own Raku Clay you use that is okay also.  Call GLC to make certain they have these clays in stock before driving there.  

 You should be able to put in at least 4 pieces each depending on how many attend.

As far as glazing is concerned:  try and have your pieces already glazed, but if you do not have glazes there will be some available to use left over from MCC.  You will need to be there by 9:30 a.m.and glaze in order for your pieces to dry enough to be fired. 

What you are bringing: 

1.  Your pots ready to Raku/Horse hair, feathers, etc.

2.  Your own pizza toppings like cheese, veggies, meat. 

3.  BYOB (obviously alcoholic drinking only after you fire       

    your pots) or nonalcoholic drinks. 

4.  Bring your own lawn chairs.  If it is hot maybe an 

      umbrella for coverage.

5.  Bring a dish to pass for all to share.

Hope to see you all at the party this month! If you have any questions regarding any event please do not hesitate to contact Trish.

Hope to see you all at the Party this month! If you have any questions regarding any event please do not hesitate to contact me.

MAY -  

May 22nd, 6:00





JULY -  

July 6th 10 a.m.—2 p.m.  IMAGING PHOTO SHOOT WORKSHOP---

Tom Vician will be taking photos for each member again this year  There will be 4 time slots for you to sign up for 10-11, 11-12, 2-1, 1-2  Four people per hour if we have more members then we will extend the time frame.  But you must RSVP to Trish ahead of time.  Tom will take digital photos of about 4 pieces per member you need to bring an USB Flash Drive so he can download the photos onto when he is done.



Guild Picnic ---Janet Buchanan will be hosting this year.  Date and Time TBA



Sept 27th  & 28th  -  Carol Long Guest Artist Workshop

September 26th - Potluck with the guest artist .  Bring a dish to pass. 

Josie Rochell once again has offered to host at her home.  This year’s fee for the workshop will be higher since Carol  charges more for a workshop so the price may be around $75 to $90 per person (still well under every other workshop in the area) including lunch and snacks, of course.  Lunch will be Lou Malnati’s, both days.


OCTOBER-  all month long

19th Annual CWG Members Show at the Old Court House Gallery in Woodstock:  Looking for someone To Coordinate the show this year ---need one to three members to volunteer to Coordinate  (Jill Munger has offered to help with the show this year)

  -This year’s judge TBD (our show doesn’t coordinate with our workshop this year so we will need to find a judge—if you know of someone able to Judge our show please send me their names we are looking for someone well versed in all aspects of pottery and that has have judged show before)

We have already spoken to John Heng at the Court House Arts Center Gallery and the Terms for this year’s show will be an up front cost of a $15 entry fee plus $5 CWG members fee added on so the fee will be $20 --you can put in up to 6 pieces with a 20% commission taken from the gallery per piece when it is sold.  You may, of course, opt to label your pieces "Not For Sale". 


NEW THIS YEAR!!!!  This year we will be giving out a monetary award to Best in Show of $100  with the winner of the Peer Choice award receiving a free membership for next year.  The other awards will be new awards given out, too.  We would love to see every single member put in, at least, one piece to have a full showing of our Guild members! 

 There will be an opening reception ... TBA with awards given out to our members for:




November 6th , 6pm BUSINESS MEETING – Room adjacent to MCC Pottery Studio

Review of events and workshops :

 *..*  *  CWG MEMBERS HOLIDAY SALE starts the month of November *  *  *

IF YOU WISH TO BE IN THE SALE THIS YEAR ,YOU NEED TO LET TRISH KNOW BY APRIL 1ST .   AFTER THAT DATE WE CAN NOT ADD ANY MORE MEMBERS TO THE SALE.  There is a limit on how many members can be in the sale due to space limitations. So the sooner you let me know the better.


This sale runs the middle of the month of November and all of December with the inclusion of one week at the beginning of January.  It is held, as always, at the Old Court House North Gallery Space called the “Welles Gallery” with the addition of the gallery space connected to the Welles Gallery.  That space is called the “Gould Gallery”.  If you were in the show or saw the show last year it is a two room sale.  


This is open to all members of the Guild who wish to participate.  This sale is not funded by the Guild but we use the Guild name to promote it. 


Members pay for their space and are required to work a certain amount of days (this has been about 3 to 6 days in the past few years) and is determined by how many members are in the sale and also by how many hours we are open.  This is a great opportunity for members to sell their pieces of pottery (only your own pottery pieces are allowed).  There are a few built-in shelving units at the gallery. If you do not have a shelving unit, you can also use tables in some cases, and/or borrow from someone who does have a shelving unit.  For more detailed information about this sale you can contact (Trish Vollkommer).  The start up cost for your space is $100 for one of the spaces deemed a "full space".  You may split a space with someone and each pay $50 or we do have a few spaces that may be designated at half space.


If you haven’t done this sale and wish to know more contact Trish Vollkommer and I will give you more information.




Saturday, December 7th, 6 p.m. to ???

Christmas Party for our Guild Members and significant other.  This is a Potluck event. 

Bring your own booze, bring a dish to pass, possible gift exchange event as in the past years.  Value $20.  We usually bring something we, ourselves, have made in pottery.

More information TBA


Location: Michelle Cook and her husband are hosting, this year.  She lives in Woodstock,  not far from MCC.


 The CWG Holiday Guild Members Sale Continues throughout the month of December and into the first week in January—*see explanation above




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