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BEST IN SHOW - Regina Lombardo "Donald Trunk"

BEST SCULPTURAL - Erica Wilson "Pit Fire II"

MOST CREATIVE - Holly FridayPanda Embrace

BEST CRAFTSMANSHIP - Coco Medina “Extrabaganza al desnudo”

PEER CHOICE - Frank Richards ":Spirit World"

Winning Ceramic Pieces CWG SHOW 2016

BEST FUNCTIONAL - Jill Munger “Wheels Up”

BEST SURFACE DECORATION - Margie Sychowski “Cat Scan”

Congratulations Go Out To The Following Members Who Won An Award At Our 16th Annual Guild Members Show:

Best In Show: Regina Lombardo “Donald Trunk”

Best Functional: Jill Munger “Wheels Up”

Best Sculptural: Erica Wilson “Pit Fire II”

Best Craftsmanship: Coco Medina “Extrabaganza al desnudo”

Most Creative: Holly Friday “Panda Embrace”

Best Surface Treatment: Margie Sychowski “Cat Scan”

Peer Choice: Frank Richards ”Spirit World”

The winning pieces will be posted on our Facebook page, also...or better yet, go to the Old Courthouse Art Gallery and see the pieces in person!

A special "Thank you" to the members who helped me put this show together: Susan Clough, Lena Wells, Michelle Cook, and Tom Vician.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You all for your help!!!

Trish Vollkommer

CWG President

Coordinator Of The Guild Members Show for 2016

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Our own Clayworkers' Guild, Bob Blue of Blue Eagle Pottery. A video appearing on Visit Mc Henry County Facebook page. Congratulations, Bob

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McHenry County College Ceramics Studio Allows Students to Find Creative Niche; Pursue Professional Art Careers

[Aug. 8, 2016.Crystal Lake, IL]

McHenry County College advanced ceramics student Josie Rochell had work accepted in the 2016 Strictly Functional Pottery National Show. The 24th annual show was juried by internationally recognized ceramic artist Simon Leach. The exhibit is located at the Market Hall Crafts Center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. For over twenty years, Rochell has dedicated herself to making beautiful functional and sculptural ceramics at McHenry County College. What began as a simply curiosity in a beginning ceramics class has evolved into a relentless pursuit of making high-quality, idea based ceramic objects. In the beginning of her career as a ceramic artist, Rochell was fascinated with learning how to create functional objects using the potter’s wheel. Challenged by the rigorous academic ceramics program at McHenry County College, Rochell has explored hand-building, wheel-throwing, glaze application, decal applications, print making and silk screening on clay, along with multi temperature kiln firing processes. In 2015, McHenry County College received a donation of over three hundred vintage and contemporary slip-casting molds. Forms included everything from figurines, plant forms, animals, religious objects, to vintage functional forms. With her natural curiosity, Rochell added the process of slip-casting to her extensive repertoire. With very few rules, she began the process of disassembling and reassembling molded clay objects, creating new and interesting ways of expression. After months of hard work in the studio and exploring different forms, ideas and glaze applications, Rochelle completed a series of soda fired trays which was accepted into the Strictly Functional Pottery National Show. The work titled “Coup d'état” was a series of mid-century modern ashtray forms embellished with small fruits and vegetables fired in McHenry County College’s soda kiln. Her pieces are among 110 works selected from more than 850 entries from 292 applicants from throughout the country.

“I was extremely happy to be selected for the national show. It’s a big honor,” Rochell said.

“I owe much of my success to Tom Vician, my ceramics teacher who taught me, encouraged me, challenged me and helped me grow as an artist” Rochell Sai

“Rochell is a dedicated ceramics student, spending hours every week perfecting her craft.” Said Vician

“She’s continually challenges herself by finding new ways of creating work” said her instructor Tom Vician.

“She’s engages with other artists in an academic setting and is being challenged to go beyond the typical understanding of ceramics with new and innovative assignments. She’s an inspiration to me.”

Rochell, a retired early childhood education teacher and director and has taken classes at McHenry County College for over twenty years. In addition to helping beginner students achieve success, she is always willing to lend a helping hand maintaining and organizing the ceramics studio. She is an active member of our student organization Clay Club, and helps plan events at the college. She is also a member of Clayworkers Guild of Illinois.