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On September 29th & 30th, the Clayworkers Guild of Illinois and McHenry County College Clay Club were happy to have guest ceramic artist, Annie Chrietzberg, present a hand-building workshop to a group of very eager potters. That hands-on workshop included all the materials, tools and a wonderful lunch and treats, both days.   We fired those finished pieces at MCC for the attendees, if they desired.  We are able to offer most of our workshops at very reasonable prices because we share costs with MCC's Clay Clay.  During the amazingly informative workshop, Annie shared her secrets to hand-building her wonderfully exact pieces that resemble wheel thrown.  We were all "Wowed"!   Thank you, Annie.  

Here are just a few photos from those two days:

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July held a surprise for all....a one-day workshop with Chase Gamblin.   We had the opportunity to have Chase visit from Indiana and we took it!   The Clayworkers' Guild, in conjunction with McHenry County College Clay Club, hosted the workshop and lunch that was centered around decorating with slip.   Slip is such a great way to give texture to your pieces and we certainly learned a lot from Chase!  Our thanks go out to him for teaching us the wonders of slip and sharing his techniques.