Clayworkers' Guild of Illinois A dedicated group of ceramic clay artists and artisans.



            MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION                

Please note:  

The CWG can no longer offer PayPal as an option for any payment.   If you sign up early for the next year's membership, your membership includes the remaining months of this year and 12 months of next year for a reduced price.  This reduced rate is only available for early payment and not after January 1st of any year.

Pay via mail for MEMBERSHIP ONLY:  

Clayworkers" Guild of Illinois 

P.O. Box 13

Crystal Lake, Il.


Pay by emailing and following 
the information supplied back to your email address:


CWG Membership Pricing Details

*   Individual Membership:   $35

*   Individual Early Membership:   $25 

         (Paid October 1st – December 31st for 

           following year) 

*    Family Membership:   $45 

 *   Early Family Membership:   $35 

           (Paid October 1st – December 31st for

             following year)

 *    Full Time Student Membership:  $15

            (12 or more credit hours required)

 *    Lifetime Membership:  $250 

 *    Lifetime Family Membership:  $350 

1.    Mail check to:  

     Clayworkers’ Guild of Illinois

      P.O. Box 242 

      Ringwood, Il. 60072 

 2.   To Pay via Email: contact